Patagonman Extreme Triathlon

Mark Voysey, January 12, 2020
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December 1 st, 2019 | Coyhaique, Chile. By Pierpaolo Martiradonna

It is hard to explain in words what went on the Patagonman Extreme Triathlon, a point to point full distance triathlon event held in the amazing Patagonia (Chile).

Start – Aysen Fjord. We jumped off a ferry driven by Chilean Navy Officials at 5am, it was pitch dark, and we shredded the cold water with waves for 25 minutes to wait for all athletes to be the water. All we could see was a light in the distance and red glowing buoy that each athlete had connected to his wetsuit. 



T1- Puerto Chacabuco. We were told weather is really unpredictable on the bike course, and it was true. We started with a light cold rain, shortly sun came out but it was impossible to feel any warmth because of the strong winds. We rode 180km uphill against the wind for a total of 8000 feet ascend.  It was brutal but the scenery and the adrenaline kept me going. Winds, potholes, dirt patches really did not allow for any distractions.

T2- Cerro Castillo. It was not a run; it was a hike on a dirt trail, through forests and lakes, waterfalls and rivers. At the top of every hills there was magnificent scenery waiting for you to discover and to conquer.



There is something special about X-tri events: Triathlon back to its roots, Nature vs athlete, Mind over pain. Unforgettable.