We offer an amazing selection of guided rides around NYC, lead by our experienced and knowledgeable ride leaders. Drop us a line at info@roula.cc if you’re interested! Please check back in regularly as departure times change across the season.




Tuesday: Prospect Park Loopza! Prospect Park, 15-20 miles
Depart at 6:30am just inside Grand Army Plaza at road joining the loop

contact: mark@Roula.cc


Wednesday: Roula / CNI ride to River Road > Rangers Station (or beyond…), approx. 35-40 miles
For intermediate / advanced riders, average speed 18–21 mph
Depart from Roula at 7.00am

contact: Aldo@Roula.cc



Friday: Roula / Soho House ride to Rangers Station, approx. 35-40 miles
For intermediate riders, average speed 16-18mph
Need to rsvp@housseven.com or mark@Roula.cc
Depart from Soho House 6.45am / Roula 7.00am

contact: mark@Roula.cc


Saturday:  Please email info@roula.cc for updates.


Sunday: Roula Ride to The Market Cafe (or beyond – Piermont, Nyack, Bear Mntn.) …. approx. 45 miles++
For intermediate / advanced riders, average speed 18–21 mph
Depart from Brooklyn Bridge 7 am and Roula at 7.30am

Please email info@roula.cc for updates.


Helmets and foot retention required for all rides.
Email us at info@roula.cc for more information about how to join a ride or sign up for updates, or book a private Roula Domestique here. Please check in ahead with individual contact or on WhatsApp groups for weather updates.