Rental Agreement

All rentals require photo id and credit card for security. At the time of rent, YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE CHARGED FOR THE FULL VALUE OF THE BIKE. This amount will be refunded to the same credit card upon return of the bike less applicable rental fees and taxes._________
I understand that my credit card company may charge foreign transaction or foreign currency adjustments or other fees because of using my credit card. Upon return of the bike and as part of this agreement, I understand that the said foreign currency transaction or other fees charged by my credit card company may not be refunded back to me. I acknowledge this charge and accept full responsibility for it and therefore release Roula Cycles of any liability. __________
I accept the Roula Cycles bicycle (s) rented to me. I agree to ride strictly in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. I accept full responsibility for the proper use of the bicycle(s). I have made no misrepresentation on this form or otherwise regarding my weight, age, health, fitness or cycling experience. I have received satisfactory answers to all my questions regarding the use and function of each bicycle, including, without limitation, the pedal system(s) and quick release mechanisms. If at any time I feel a bicycle is not functioning properly, I will stop using it and return it to Roula Cycles for inspection and for any needed repairs or adjustments. __________
I understand and I am aware that cycling is a hazardous activity, involving inherent and other risks of personal injury or even death. I understand and acknowledge that bicycle riding involves many risks, including the risk of falling, collision with other bicyclists, motor vehicles, or stationary objects and widely variable conditions of trails, road, or pavement. I further understand that injuries in this activity are a common and ordinary occurrence. I FREELY AND KNOWINGLY ACCEPT AND ASSUME THESE RISKS. I understand the proper use of each bicycle. I was advised that as a condition of each bicycle rented to me, I must wear a helmet at all times while riding it and agree to do so. I also understand that bicycles are subject to all laws and rules of the road and agree to abide by them whenever riding on public roads.