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Pinarello has always been synonymous with innovation and performance. Our DNA targets research and development of technical solutions that best represent the rider’s needs. Using this same philosophy, our next project was to create a bicycle for the gravel world. With this careful analysis of specific rider needs we were able to find technical solutions that bring the Pinarello spirit to the world of “mud-tires”. Now after several months of research and development, the PinaLab is proud to present our new project…the PINARELLO GREVIL.

In the development of the GREVIL project, the PinaLab has taken into account these needs and here, in short, were the project objectives:

Create a gravel bike with true Pinarello DNA. This means a comfortable bike for all terrains and distances but without compromising the handling, stability and responsiveness typical of the products made in Treviso.

Wheel versatility was a key objective. Allowing the rider to be able to choose the most suitable wheels for the route ahead.

A bike suitable both for use on uneven roads and long distances. So, a specifically designed frame geometry with continued consideration for aerodynamics.

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