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Bike Information

Duetti (Italian for Duets) celebrates the special relationship between human & machine.

Ben Serotta’s vision for ‘Project Duetti’ was to develop a forward-thinking machine optimized for 90% of the riding we do today, making it your go-to cycling companion. The top considerations were proportioned fit, versatility without compromise and incorporating a future-proof assembly that combines great performance, dependability, and value.

His commitment to fit is what led Ben to select an exotic aluminum alloy for the main frame, rather than carbon, as it facilitates the greatest flexibility in manufacturing. Determined to create a bicycle that is light, responsive, comfortably smooth, reliably durable and a ride experience that rivals the best of any material, we had to go global.

The rare 6069 alloy is generally unavailable outside of Asia. Vanadium is the key ingredient, significantly boosting durability.  After welding and heat treatment, Serotta Design Studios added shot-peening, a process developed for military aircraft, further increasing lifespan by 300% or more.  Not surprisingly, they’ve partnered with Taiwan’s most experienced fabricator to handle Duetti’s construction.

With no detail left unattended, Serotta’s international team of veteran American, German and Taiwanese engineers embarked on a tour de force effort, leveraging Ben’s “Colorado Concept” engineering principles, to ensure a sensational ride that warrants the Serotta signature.

This is an alloy frameset with a carbon fork built with Sram Red eTap HRD, a 50/34 crankset, 11/28 cassette, and hydraulic disc brakes.

Size recommendations based on height:
XXS: 4’10″–5’2″
XS: 5’–5’4″
S: 5’1″–5’5″
SM: 5’2–5’6″
MM: 5’3″–5’7″
ML: 5’4″–5’8″
MLL: 5’6″–6′
LM: 5’9″–6’3″
LL: 6’1–6’5″
XL: 6’2–6’6″
XXL: 6’4–6’8″

Questions about sizing or anything else? Feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll make sure you have the prefect ride.

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